Introduce Ourselves To Ourself.

Introduce Ourselves To Ourself.

We always overthink, rethink about people around us by physically and mentally. Have we thought about ourself? No, not at all.   We think about, what is happening on the surface of life (visible part of life) means we are living a superficial life. 

Stop thinking too much, things which we cannot change, try to accept them as it is. Enlarge your perception change destructive thoughts into constructive. You can change your perception when you came to know the power of your divine soul. To realize that power you have to do some exercise.

“Self-love is not selfish you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself”.

Well said, we are not selfish; we have to understand our thinking process. Deep inside we have divine power or there is a voice, a longing, a calling to depth. It’s our heart, reminding us to visit, explore and express the depths of ourselves. Being deep requires time to be spent in solitude.  Require some periods of introversion and a conversation with us. Unless we will ever see what is in our heart, we have to dive deep inside our soul, enlighten it through meditation & motivation.

Enlighten your soul, talk to yourself, spent some time with yourself. Go for a long walk, do whatever you feel with to be with yourself, do things which bring close you to yourself. Really its work, those who do, they will tell you it changes everything. What do they see? Simple ! Beauty, Peace, and Empathy.  Everything is there just we have to recognize it, feel it through our inner mind power. These powers are waiting to welcome us to introduce ourselves to ourself.

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