Life teaches you a difficult lesson when you are struggling.

Life teaches you a difficult lesson when you are struggling/suffering. 

Is that lesson or suffering? 

It’s up to us how to deal with them. If you consider it’s suffering then it will be difficult for you to handle life and you will never focus on outcomes.

Consider it’s as a lesson, and then things will run easily. You will more concentrate on solutions then living in pain and fear. Look beyond your mind which will lead you to get more results. A seed which you bury in the soil, it will take some time to grow. It’s required a lot of preparation and hard work for a good plant. You need good soil, seed, enough water, and good care. Just like that to reach a certain level you have to prepare on yourself. Really, this period is very difficult to keep yourself calm, positive and humble. The level of frustration reached beyond your controlling power. How to deal with all this stuff? Patience is a key element working very strongly. 

Think about yourself, focus on thoughts and where your mind is going to lead them. 

You need to work on a few changes

·         Improve lifestyle,

·         Open Up

·         Improve your thought process, 

·         Change from negative to positive, 

·         Give them direction 

·         Be Creative — Think beyond your limit – (Think creative)and work on it.

Improve lifestyle – 

Make some changes in your lifestyle means do things which you want to do after a long time. Go for a long walk. Go for a long drive. Do what you love to do. Enrich your hobby, which gives you immense pleasure. Spend little time with yourself, talk to yourself, read, write. Whatever makes you feel free just do that.

Open up –

Means release whatever you have buried inside your mind. Opening up is very important it makes you feel free. Each and everyone has a different way to open up. 

Some can’t discuss with anyone or few like to share with someone. Choose your way wisely and just do it. Free that space from your mind so you can welcome new thoughts. 

Improve your thought process – 

Read to learn, relearn. Acquire knowledge. Read blogs, books. Listen to speeches. 

Many more inspirational Guru’s available on YouTube or if you have your favorite one just listened to them. This will help you to improve your thought process.

When you listen to others experiences you will forcefully think that, am I thinking in the right direction? Is my problem bigger or smaller than him/her? If he/she can do, why I am not? You can give feed to your brain to think about it. These processes enforce you to dig deep into your mind and clear some thoughts or you can segregate your thoughts. Defiantly you will find an improved version of your thought process.   

Give them direction from negative to positive. 

After working on the thought process, give them direction. 

Change the way you see everything, which makes you think deeper.   

Think positive and remove negativity from your thoughts.

Be Creative

Bring creativity in your thoughts. Don’t put a limitation on it, let them flow.

Think Beyond your limit. Welcome positivity, new energy, ideas.

When we think many more ideas pop up in our mind, just note it down.

It would be easy for you to work on it.

Life takes some time to push you towards, what you think about yourself. 

Sometimes it takes to much time but we have to utilize that time for our development. 

By diverting our thought process with the help of the above few points, we can build a firm base to stand on it. Be passionate for new things which are coming on your way. 

Thinking is not enough implementation is a must. But implementation takes a lot of efforts to reach up to that level of imagination. 

So take steps towards it and go ahead. Play the best role in your life. 

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